OpenRTM-aist Python Install

Installing Python version of OpenRTM-aist is shown.

The installing components are …

  • Python2.6.x
  • OpenRTM-aist 1.0 Python
  • Eclipse All-in-one


You can download Python2.6 installer from OpenRTM official web.

OpenRTM-aist Python version

OpenRTM-aist can be downloaded from Official web site.

Go download page from top.

Top to download site

Top to download site

Download Python version.
Binary installer is convenient.

Eclipse all-in-one

You can get Eclipse-all-in-one.

Go download from top.

Top to download site

Top to download site

Go “Tool” page.

To eclipse download

To eclipse download

Select Eclipse for Windows, and extract archive file.

download for window version.

download for window version.

You do not have to install it. Just place the extracted folder to C drive.

Install PyDev

I strongly recommend you to install PyDev plug-in into Eclipse IDE.

Select menu->help->Update software.

Then, select “available softwares” tab.

Add site.

Input pydev’s site “”, then OK.

Continue to install.

Then, restart eclipse and select PyDev perspective.
Select menu Window->perspective, then open “PyDev”, and again menu “Setting” -> “PyDev” -> “Python Interpreters” -> “auto config”.