Why do we use RT-middleware?

I introduce you the advantages of RT-middleware for Researchers and Company Engineers.

RT-middleware for University Laboratory

Are you anxcious for the technical tradition for students?

RT-middelware is world-widely supported standard that is defined by OMG.
If your robots’ software is developed under the RT-middleware, students can learn and practice with lots of tutorials and information like this site.

Do you have a lot of research platform robots?

RT-middleware enable you to concentrate to realize your ideas. If you are developing your own robots, you can reduce your time costs because the softwares for actuators and sensors are packaged and easy to reuse.

This is not the only advantage of using RT-middleware.

If your laboratory members are working on the same platform, members can collaborate with each other.

Too difficult to control your robots?

RT-middleware can reduce time-consuming preparation for robot programming. The graphical tools, such as RT-System Editor and RTC-Builder, will help your students who have allergies to conventional console user interfaces.

RT-middleware for Technicians

RT-middleware helps starters as described above. Not many people can read the product manual bunch of pages

As I described above, RT-middleware helps those who have less technical knowledges. No so many people can read thick manuals like you!

If you made RT-component, your technique will go worldwide!!

For small, starting company, RT-middleware is suitable if they want people to use their technologies on robots.