What is OpenRTM-aist?

OpenRTM-aist is a platform software libraries developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
This library follows the standard of RT-middleware.

The definition of RT-middleware

As described, RT-middleware is just a standard of Coding the multi-component, distributed controlling system for Robotics Technology. So RT-middleware is not implementation but a standard.


OpenRTM-aist is developed by AIST, and supported by Japanese government.

OpenRTM-aist follows the RT-Component specification, and add some original features like Manager.

OpenRTM-aist uses CORBA implementation to realize the multi-component, distributed control system. A bit heavy, but supports lots of platform, language, and internet.

Available OS

OpenRTM-aist currently supports….

  • WindowsXP, Vista, 7
  • Unix系OS (Ubuntu Linux, Debian GNU/Linux等)

I know that OpenRTM-aist is already ported to Mac OS,TOPPERS,VxWorks. I am currently using Mac OS X Lion.

Programming Language

Available languages are…

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java

Are there any other implementations?

OpenRTM.NET by Sec suports .NET framework. RTC-Lite (developed by Osaka University, Arai laboratory) supports some embedded systems.