MacOSX + OpenRTM-aist

I build OpenRTM-aist C++ package.

1. Install Xcode
This is unescapable.

2. Xcode->Preference->Install Command Line Tools
git , gcc , these tools are necessary for mac developers.

3. Download and install:

4. Install C++ version

When installing cmake, command line tools must be installed.
PkgConfig is needed for cmake.
OpenRTM-aist pkg will install binaries into /usr/local.

Then, create .bash_profile and edit it.


If you want to update your environment, command “source ~/.bash_profile”

5. Install tools

Then download eclipse form
You will be asked to install JRE.

6. Python version

Python version must be installed from source codes.

svn co
cd OpenRTM-aist-Python
sudo python install

Binaries of omniORB is installed with C++ version.

7. Java version

Download Java version:
Environmental Variable “RTM_JAVA_ROOT” should be set OpenRTM-aist-1.1.jar.

8. Install rtshell (python version is needed.)

I recommend to install rtshell tools.

git clone
cd rtctree; sudo python install

git clone
cd rtsprofile; sudo python install

git clone
cd rtshell; sudo python install

Then, add following line into .bash_profile

source $HOME/rtm/temp/rtshell/

Without,rtcwd is not executable.

9. RTC development
See official Document